Malta supported by VATSIM Germany and VACC Switzerland

“Following VATEUD’s great Open Sky initiative, VATSIM Germany and VACC Switzerland decided to organise an event to support Malta.

In order to make Malta more appealing to both pilots and controllers, we will be staffing Frankfurt International Airport, Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport, and Luqa Malta International Airport on Saturday 2 October 2010 starting 1800 Zulu for the hole evening.”

“We invite all pilots to encourage and support Malta on this day by flying either Frankfurt <–> Malta or Basel <–> Malta as often as you can.

Malta International Airport was voted best international airport 2010 in the 1-5 million passengers category of and the controllers there will do their best to live up to that standard by giving you the best service. It is your contribution to help filling Malta’s skies.

VATSIM Germany and VACC Switzerland are well-known presences in the world of VATSIM, so, as usual, you can expect the best service in both Frankfurt and Basel. Controllers from both Germany and Switzlerland will be meeting to provide you with the finest ATC live from the Badisch Control Center in Karlsruhe.

We will also make sure that the airspace between Switzerland is covered by either Italian controllers or Eurocontrol in order to provide a consistent route coverage without gaps.

Routes from Frankfurt and Basel to Malta are available on

Sceneries for Malta:

Daniel Chircop Malta Airport v1 Freeware FS2004
Aerosoft Islands of Malta FS2004
Daniel Chircop Malta Airport v2 FS2004Daniel Chircop Malta Airport v2 FSX

Sceneries for Frankfurt:

FS9 Freeware
Aerosoft Frankfurt Mega Airport FS2004 & FSX

Please make sure you have the latest AFCAD installed in order to intercept the correct ILS frequencies:

FS2004 Freeware
Mega Airport FS2004
Mega Airport FSX

Sceneries for Basel:

Basel Freeware FS2004

FranceVFR Basel FS2004

FranceVFR Basel FSX

The controllers in Malta, VATSIM Germany, and VACC Switzerland are awaiting your visit eagerly and thank you in advance for your support.”

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