CR1-Software release announcement

“We are pleased to announce the October release of our newest Fsx Native Add on : The Aeronca Champ.

With the release of the Beech 18 you came to us and you told us what you were looking for in a Fsx only Add on.”
“We listened and we applied your wishes and worked hard to come up with a better product to offer our new friends and community.

The new Fsx only Aeronca Champ is a full max rendition of the real thing. It will be delivered with the following model variants:

  • Tail Dragger.
  • Tail Dragger with wheel pants.
  • Tail dragger with tundra tires.
  • Tail Dragger Ski version.
  • Float version.
  • Tricycle version.
  • Tricycle Version with wheel pants.

The Models will also come in short tail versions and long tail version of all the above versions.

Also it will come with 4 different interior colors so the user can mix and match models, liveries, and interiors to create a custom plane in the colors the user prefers.

The Aeronca is array With the following features:

  • Full animation suite
  • Full Dynamic “Clickable” Vc.
  • Opening Door.
  • Opening Window.
  • Opening Hood.
  • Mega detailed engine.
  • Fully animated pilot.
  • Realistic flight Models.
  • 12 model configurations.
  • Excellent Aeronca sound pack.
  • Paint kit.
  • 17 liveries.
  • Direct-x 10 compatible.
  • Fsx Acceleration or Sp2 only.
  • Customer Operation and Installation manual.

As with our Beech 18 the Aeronca will come at a low and affordable price set. This is set with the current economic climate in mind in order to make it easy for everyone to afford a copy. Also our 24 hour support is always ready to help you.

Set for release around October 15 2010 for the set price of $14.95 Usd.

The Aeronca will be available through our home site or at one of our Approved Retailers.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy a pre-release video of the Aeronca as well as screen shots of the new Cr1-Software Aeronca.

Also Feel free to drop by our web site and fly a few free add ons to keep you in the game while you wait for our new Aeronca.

For more information you can contact Tom Wood through the Cr1-Software Web site customer service contact form.

Thank You for your support!

Tom Wood

0 Responses

  1. With `Aeronca` spelt wrong in the video, should we assume the attention to detail claim is less than 100%..?

  2. Oooh Simon, you little tinker! But I to have a few possible painter glitches ready to report – but as this is not final, I’ll give them the benefit.

    I really do like the loose wiring danglinc around under the panel 🙂 although as an erstwhile maintenance chief, I’d be looking to have someone’s guts for garters 😀

    I am actually quite taken by the demo pictures and despite having the Realair Champ pack in my hangar, this does look good.

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