Samsung MD230X6 multi-monitors — A new way to view FSX?

Samsung have introduced a 3 and 6 multi-display monitor (LCD) array which appear to be a much neater solution that 3 or 6 separate monitors.  Samsung state on their website that due to their unique super thin bezel your view is panoramic and almost seamless.  Connection of the array is a breeze, and being connected together means that you don’t have to mess around aligning the separate components.

Resolution of a single monitor is 1920 x 1080 and response time is 8ms, with the usual connections D-Sub, DVI-D, USB, etc but no mention of HDMI.  The individual screen size is 23″ in 16:9 aspect ratio.  The native resolution of the monitor array is 5760 x 2160 pixels and apparently the setup works seamlessly when using a high end ATI Radeon card such as the 5870, utilising “ATI Eyefinity Technology with DisplayPort connectivity”, which enables multi-monitor panoramic views.  It would appear that with the right card you do not need any other hardware (or software) add-on to operate the display.  With nVidia the situation is a little more complex, because they use a software solution, in that with some nVidia cards you may need an SLI card on order to display over multiple monitors, ie 3 monitors wide.  The GTX 4xx series of cards support triple monitors (not sure wrt 3 x 2 multi-displays) using the latest versions of nVidia’s surround and/or 3D vision surround.

All the cabling is neatly integrated and there is even a single power supply for all 3 or 6 monitors and set up is claimed to be simple and speedy.

There is a built-in stand that caters for all and fits as a single column with either the 3 or 6 array.  You can use either all of the monitors at once or singly and all aspects, modes, parameters, etc being controlled by a single WiFi remote.

The screens (MD230) can be purchased singly or in the 3 or array sizes making the upgrade to multi monitors quite affordable.

Now the big question is, “would this work with FSX?”  Apparently there is some hardware demand in the Eye Infinity solution which could affect FSX performance but this may not be as apparent in the nVidia solution.  Now if I could only persuade Miguel to let me write a full review . . . .

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  1. Unfortunately this is a review that shows how reviews should not be done, because it leaves more questions open than it answers. If I opt for the Samsung solution, do I need to buy 3/6 new monitors from Samsung? What is the difference between a 3 multi-display monitor vs. 3 separate monitors? Is the Samsung monitor bigger, but show less. Or what? If I already have 3 monitors, can I use the Samsung setup? What about the graphics card? Do I need one with 3 video outputs. What if I have 2 video cards with 2 ouputs each. Does that work?

    Unfortunately the article does not answer or even treat any of the most fundamental question, so it is totally uninformative. And if the authors begs Miguel to let him write a whole review, then my answer is: Miguel, don’t. It is not worth it.



  2. Sascha
    I’m sorry you didn’t like my “NEWS ITEM”. It is not a review but merely pointing out what new technology is available for possible use with FSX. To write a review I would have had to purchase the monitors myself and I make it clear that I needed Miguel to help me obtain (‘tongue in cheek’) the monitors to write a review. I can’t make a decision as to whether you personally need 1, 2 , 3 or 6 monitors, I merely report (and include links to information) that the technology is available which may or may not be suitable for FSX and you. You say I don’t metion how many video cards are needed yet I state quite clearly that ‘a high end ATI Radeon CARD!! could power this system or a GTX4xx series can power a 3 x 1 array. It was not my intention to advise a simmer how to change his or her rig but advise what new technology has just hit the market, so that they can carry out their own research.
    I’m sorry you were dissatisfied but I feel that you have misinterpreted my intentions.
    You’ll be happy and relieved to know that Miguel declined my offer of a “FULL REVIEW”!

  3. This is so obviously not a review, what a worthless rant from mr. Sascha.

    Thanks for POINTING OUT this new technology Peter, I found your article INFORMATIVE and enlightening. THANK YOU! I don´t happen to pay a DIME to read and access all the material here so instead of being UNGRATEFUL, im in fact, GRATEFUL.


    John T.

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