New versions of Fly Elise-ng products

Nikola Gidalov of Fly Elise-NG would like to announce you their latest products updates. They built a simulator in Netherlands with softwares they developed and you may be interested in.

“First of all I would like to introduce Fly Elise-ng.  The Fly Elise-ng team is a group of three enthusiast devoted to building the Elise-ng simulator (”

‘The simulator has been build in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and when finished it will be made available to Eindhoven based flight clubs Eac-m ( and Eac-zc  (

A lot of software and software tools have been developed for the purpose of the simulator. Recently we decided to make the software publicly available under a shareware license for the flight sim enthusiast who can find the software useful.

Fly Elise-ng would like to announce new versions of the following Fly Elise-ng products:

Instrument Panel v1.1

Fly Elise-ng Instrument Panel is a general aviation instruments panel aimed at flight simulator and cockpit builders who can build professional instrument panels based on LCD displays (and optional panel bezels). It is designed as a standalone application capable of
connecting to the the simulator software. This version version comes with connection capabilities to X-Plane. A plug-in is available for X-Plane (win32). The plug-in can be configured to allow connections to up to 5 instances of the instrument panel. Every instance can be
connect to the plug-in from different IP address and port.

This is the list of the new features introduced in v1.1

  • – Compiled and linked statically (Reduce the executable and run-time size)
  • – Configurable panel background color
  • – HPa based analogue altimeter
  • – Four new instruments (Left and Right fuel quantity percentage, EGT in 10x deg C, Manifold Pressure and Fuel Flow combo)

Immersive Display Designer v1.1

Immersive Display Designer is a tool that provides a intuitive virtual environments for designing immersive display solutions and applying the solutions in flight simulator environments. In order to apply the designed solution in a flight simulator environment, a plug-in for
x-plane is provided. The plug-in uses the parameters from the designed virtual environment to create the appropriate scene (fish eye or panorama) in x-plane and warp the scene in such a way that the image on the screen is projected undistorted.

This is the list of the new features introduced in v1.1
– Compiled and linked statically (Reduce the executable and run-time size)
– Added 1, 2 and 3 projectors environment with cylindrical screen
– Added “auto projector arrange” for multi-projectors environments
– Added export for Immersive Display Lite 2 for Single and multi-projector and cylindrical screen environments
– Added export for NTHUSIM Standard and Plus Edition for Single and multi-projector and cylindrical screen environments

Immersive Display Lite 2 v1.0

The Immersive Display Lite 2 is build on the technology used in Immersive Display Lite. It is an interactive tool which allows manually warping the graphical output of any software based on OpenGL or DirectX graphical API  so that the image can be projected on a non
planar surface. A number of drag-points are available which can be moved independently to allow for distortion correction when a planar image is projected to a non-planar surface. The tool supports one, two and three independent warping maps to be used by one, two or three projectors respectively.

Immersive Display Lite has been extensively tested  with the following software:
Flight simulators:
– X-Plane 9 (OpenGL)
– Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (DirectX 9)
– Microsoft Flight Simulator X (DirectX 9)
-Flight Gear (OpenGL)

Car Racing simulators:
– rFactor (DirectX 9)
– Need for Speed (DirectX 9)

AV playback software
– VideoLan (VLC) (OpenGL or DirectX 9)

For more information visit the Fly Elise-ng web site:

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