The World’s Most Powerful Biplane Takes off in FSX

If you haven’t heard from FSD International for months, we received some news.

“Infinity Entertainment Inc. and FSD International have joined forces to bring the Turbine Toucan, the highest performance biplane in history, to the virtual world, the Turbine Toucan represents the highest thrust-to-weight ratio aircraft in the world today and allows Virtual Pilots to create 3D manoeuvres and break boundaries in ways only accomplished with the Turbine Toucan, in both the real and virtual worlds.”

“Flight Dynamics were derived from David Kervinen Builder & Pilot of the Turbine Toucan and supplied technical data , this aircraft represents the ultimate barnstormer , capable vertical ascent after a 100 foot ground roll , its acceleration creates 3G’s , matching a catapult launch.

The Virtual Cockpit is a composite of custom made analogue and glass instrumentation, with custom VC sounds, all systems are represented with 3D switches and levers rendered in VRay to provide realistic cockpit illumination and shading, a Ground Power Unit and an animated scenery with support vehicle and hospitality area are included to provide atmosphere.

The Turbine toucan was brought to FSX in anticipation of new manoeuvres being developed for inclusion in the routines performed in the air shows, virtual pilots are being offered rewards for creating utube videos of their inventions, full details of the performance characteristics and the planes record setting history are available from the FSD International homepage.”

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