AFS Design – Airbus A380 Family

In order to complete their Airbus products already available, AFS Design presents the Airbus A380 Family.

There are two packages, one for FSX, the other for FS2004 if you like.

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  1. I know this is a light add-on but I’d be curious to see what anyone who buys anything in this series actually has to say about it. This series actually could have great FDE’s. The VC’s to me is something I would have to see on my computer first before I write it off. The VC looks better than Overland’s offerings in some area. What’s terrible is the liveries offered for this series is both wrong in some cases for the real world airliners that fly them and poorly done. I guess this in itself could tell you allot about the add-on in general. How could a series effort make the blunder of having an A330 in United Airlines colors or forgetting Delta flies the A319, 320, and 330… The lack of American airlines represented in this package is staggering especially when you consider how many airbuses fly for companies like Frontier and US Airways for example. Again this says allot about this whole effort.

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