Screenshot Day for Aircraft Factory Heinkel He 219 “Uhu”

Words are not required for todays video tease from A2A for their upcoming release of the Owl:

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  1. That’s an awful lot of reflection on the fuselage and drop tank for a night fighter. Standard Luftwaffe paint of the period was dull, if not matte, as a result of the progressive reduction in pigmentation as war shortages took hold. The drop tanks on the aircraft were rough-hewn plywood, one-shot use only so should have little or no reflectivity at all, certainly not as much as the canopy.

    Is there an option to remove the god-awful excesses of shine to improve realism. One of the FS9 models key benefits was the `flat` paint finish?

  2. No-one would argue that the NASM example is historically accurate, but at least the standout issue has been addressed and I’m sure any paintkit will enable repainters to dull it to suit.
    I’m assuming this will be available both with and without historically accurate markings?
    Does the new model represent the same selection of marks as the FS9 version?
    Is there a better representation of an autopilot than the rather faux FS9 version (standard default pop-ups for radios and navaids)?

  3. Simon,

    The installer for SimMarket cannot have Swastikas (there seems to be confusion about the interpretation of the law). So for our customers at SimMarket, we will have our own link allowing them to download the historical skins with swastikas. We do include all variants in the former package (A-0/R2, A-0/R6, A-2/R1, A-5, A-7/R2). A paint kit will be available and the autopilot is stock FSX.


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