Exciting news from MyTraffic X

A minor update with major enhancements : MYTraffic X Pro v5.3 with performance tweaks now possible on AI Aircrafts, updated flight schedules of October 2010 and more !

“MyTraffic X has been updated to 5.3a. The update is FREE for current customers of MyTraffic X Professional V5.3.”

“Although we call this a ‘minor update’, there are some wonderful new features included that will most certainly be very much welcomed by all current and new users!

How about the ability to create new AI aircraft while FSX is running (!) AND the capability of assigning real-world flight plans to them? You can now control the AI aircraft yourself as if running a model railway!

And what about the new tool to manage aircraft settings so you can better adapt them to the performance of your particular setup and PC? You can now tweak for performance by influencing effcts and graphical quality of your MyTraffic aircraft!

And while on the subject; you can now also turn on a special effect that will show a strobe light on aircraft that are still far away.

With all these great additions, there is also a long list of ‘regular’ enhancements:

All new – FSX native – aircraft such as the Van RV6, Beech A36 Bonanza and Shengdu K8
Re-buit from scratch to FSX SP2: Lockhed Tristar, Sud Aviation Caravelle and Bae Hawk
Some 100 updated airports!
Many new paints, like for example Fly Dubai and Indigo
Updated flight schedules, based on October 2010 real world rosters

With MyTraffic X already at the top of the AI traffic add-ons, this makes it just so much better again!

For customers still running an earlier version (below 5.3) the incremental upgrade will cost only Euro 14.

MyTraffic X Professional V5.3 is available from as a download version.”

0 Responses

  1. Where´s the update?
    I can´t find it in my account.

    Download via MT Communicator is´nt possible either.



  2. looks like their PR does not mention that the free upgrade is available via the integrated MT Communicator.

    it is NOT available vis simMarket, not the free update at least.

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