KulusukX for FSX released

Ulrik Motzfeldt of Greenland X enhanced the Kulusuk region with more than a mesh : coastlines, islands, lakes are greatly enhanced and you will also find some helistop and terminal.. in this South East region of Greeland.

KulusukX scenery package is the most real mesh for Fligh Simulator X for Kulusuk area. This area covers more than 8,822 Sq. miles.”

“The mesh data is made from ASTER GDEM data. While ASTER GDEM data is not nearly refined as STRM source data, the data is the best data for Greenland.

“The raw ASTER GDEM data is not without its problems, but I have remaked large areas to make it usefull.

But it’s not only the mesh I have reworked. The coastline and islands are reworked for this release.

Tasiilaq Helistop (BGAM) and the terminal is also added to the scenery.

Kuummiut Helistop (BGKM), Sermiligaaq Helistop (BGSG) and Timmiatmiut Helistop (BGTN) is added with helistops, adn some standard FSX buildings.

This release have redefined land class for the area. This gives you a more realistic land class.

You can find the KulusukX at FlightSim Greenland.

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