A Mini-review/Listing of apps available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad for Flight Simulator

iPhone, iPod Touch apps for Flight Simulator FSX & X-Plane: I list below a series of apps (free and payware) that work on the iPhone or iPod Touch and some will work on the iPad. 

FsFollow (Payware): (Position
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
A moving map for FSX.  This displays your flight path (ie your plane’s position) and your cockpit details in real time whilst you are flying.  Setting up is relatively easy, and extra client software (free is supplied) for your FSX PC so that you can transmit the relevant information to your device.  Support is excellent and any glitches are usually fixed immediately.  The iPhone/iPod Touch must be on the same network as the simulator and can be connected via WiFi. FSXControl (Payware): (Position
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
This turns your device into a rudimentary controller for FSX.  As above setup is relatively easy and you use the same free PC Client software used in FSXFollow.  There is “tilt” function which allows you to ‘control’ the plane ie acting as elevator and aileron axes.  It takes a bit of getting used to, but you can control a plane with this app.

igMap (Payware)
iPhone, iPod Touch (igMap HD for iPad):
Works with: MS Flight Simulator X/2004 & X-Plane 9.
A moving map program and Flight Plan Display
Supports FSX, FS2004 & X-Plane flight plan files.
Flight Plan file import via iTunes > Device Apps tab > File Sharing.
Some nice screen shots and a video here:
The HD version for the iPad gives larger and higher definition images.
The iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad display several different types of map, including a Google style map, FSX GPS terrain style, and some USA SEC, TEC and WAC (plus Alaska, Puerto Rico and Cuba).  Your position in the virtual world is indicated by an airplane icon on the display.
As above you require the (free) FSWidgets Network Pack to be installed to connect to the simulator and the device must be on same network as simulator.  Connection is via Wi-Fi and you need internet access in order to automatically download map data in real time.

Flight Simulator Memo
iPhone, iPod
A free app that will list all of the keys used in FSX (and FS2004?).  The keys are divided into the usual categories, ie, Navigation, Simulation, Instruments, Slew, Lights, etc.

SimFlight (free app) – Simflight
iPhone, iPod, iPad
Frank Coburger’s little app that reads the simflight RSS feeds and shows the latest news as a table. If you tap on an article you will see the complete text and from there you can jump into SAFARI  for a full view of the article.

Fly Away (free app) –
iPhone, iPod Touch.
This free app gives simmers updates on news, latest products, aviation news, forum, downloads and screenies/images.  Naturally it is geared to the FlyawaySimulation site and I can see that it won’t be long before others follow suit.

The following lists some of the X-Plane variants available for the iPhone, iPod and/or iPad:
X-Plane 9 (payware) Laminar Research
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
This is a ‘lite’ version being ≈6.2MB, as opposed to the desktop version ≈ 25 GB), Laminar state that the simmer will experience around 95% the accuracy of the PC version.
You can control all aspects of the sim with your iPhone/iPod and in flight your device becomes a flight yoke.
The planes include a Cirrus Jet, Piaggio Avanti, Columbia 400, and Cessna C172.  Flight areas include Innsbruck, Austria, Hawaii and S California.

X-Plane HDEF 4G (payware)
iPhone, iPod touch
X-Plane HDEF 4G utilises the new iPhone 4 high resolution Retina display.  It comes with forty general aviation craft and twenty-two flight regions.  This combines all the aircraft from all versions of the iPod, iPhone and iPad into this one app.
Obviously the iPad version is the most detailed with a higher resolution and there is a fantastic video here detailing its astonishing features:  Make no mistake X-Plane on the iPad is a first rate sim.

X-Plane Remote (payware) Laminar Research)
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
X-Plane Remote is designed to interface a user’s iPhone or iPod Touch with a desktop copy of X-Plane. The device can be used as a wireless joystick and other features include a display of the aircraft’s instrument panel or an external moving map.

X-Plane Helicopter (payware) Laminar Research)
iPhone, iPod Touch:
X-Plane Helicopter an amazing application for the iPhone and iPod Touch depicting realistic helicopter simulation. The choppers model various types from pilot trainers to military troop movers, and include the Robinson R22, Bell 206, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, Sikorsky H-3 Sea King, and Sikorsky S-76C.

WiFi Remote (payware)
iPhone, iPod Touch,
This app allows you to control your desktop X-Plane aircraft with your device ie a remote control joystick.  Again you need a free download of a “plug-in” software which allows communication between your iPhone, iPod Touch and the PC with X-Plane installed.

X-Plane Airliner (payware) Laminar Research)
iPhone, iPod Touch,\:
An airliner add-on that simulates realistic IFR flights in eight large long-range passenger planes   The “big birds” include B777, B747, A-380, B787, MD-80 and B737. This add-on increases the default 3 airports and 4 NAVAIDS with a region size of 60 by 60 miles, to 98 airports and 42 NAVAIDS with a region size of 60 by 180 miles of Southern California.

X-Plane Extreme (payware) Laminar Research)
iPhone, iPod Touch:
X-Plane Extreme depicts some of the fastest jet fighters and bombers warplanes in operation today.  The squadron fleet includes the fastest airplane ever flown the SR-71 Blackbird, the rocket-powered X-15, the ultra-manoeuvrable, ultra-powerful F-22 Raptor plus  the B-1 “Bone,” the B-2 “Spirit”, and the B-52 Stratofortress.

Also available:

X-Planner is a flight planning tool for X-Plane.

X-Plane Glider
X-Plane Glider features gliders–from towing, to soaring, to setting down for a landing. Based in Switzerland and uses the C172 as a tow plane.

X-Plane Carrier
X-Plane Carrier a combat and carrier operations simulator.  Features catapults, guns, guided missiles, and arresting gear.

X-Plane Racing
X-Plane Racing is an air racing app with timed race courses that allow users to race against the computer or their friends via the Multiplayer mode.

Space Shuttle
Features the space shuttle Orbiter which can be launched, ‘flown’ into orbit, and docked with the International Space Station.   Re-entry and landing is also modelled.

X-Plane Apollo
X-Plane Apollo is a simulation of a lunar landing/orbiting available for the iPhone and iPod Touch featuring Apollo 11.

For the iPhone only, which becomes a virtual GPS for X-Plane?  It shows the current position of your plane and display maps are fantastic.  An X-Plane plug-in is also required.

Air Track for iPhone/iPod/iPad
For X-Plane, it reports flight and navigation data (wirelessly) in real time.  A very comprehensive app.  An X-Plane plug-in is also required.

Sully’s Flight for iPhone/iPod
A re-enactment of the ill fated A320 flight piloted by Captain Chesley Sullenberger.  Can you fly the A320 as US Airways Flight 1549 and successfully ditch in the Hudson River saving the lives of all 155 people on the aircraft?

All apps are available via the iTunes app store here.  This list is not comprehensive and is by no means complete, and availability may vary from country to country.  I hope that fellow simmers will add to the list.

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  1. The article states that the iPhone/iPod Touch must be on the same network as the simulator.

    This is incorrect. You can use FSXFollow on the go, since the data are communication through a central server.

    Developers, FSXFollow

  2. In fact this is not incorrect in order for the iphone, ipod to be seen by FSX it must be ‘recognised’ on that network or on a single PC as a wifi device. I was not talking about any central server. FSXFollow even supply “communication” software for the FSX PC. If the network or any PC cannot see the wifi device then it can’t communicate with it.

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