simMarket STATUS: Server is Down [SOLVED]

[SOLVED]  2:14 CET: Server is alive & kicking again, it’s power supply had given up and was now replaced.

The simMarket server went down at 23:37 CET. Trying to reset the server has failed.

We have sent a ticket to the hosting company without any reply yet. Calls to their emergency number are  not being picked up.

Right now we have no estimate time for a solution as we don’t know what has happened yet. We are sort of hopping that the server will come on during the next hours.

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Bob Y
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 23:47

Yeah! Back in business! (;

Bob Y
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 15:50

Great News! You had me sweating.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 09:06

Very frustrating when hosts don’t provide the service one needs. Hope you get it back soon…. and change hosts again ??? 😉

Sean Fox
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 01:52

Ohhh I hope you guys get back up, I have a lot invested in you guys, you are my Flight Sim life line!!!

Bob Y
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 01:48

I certainly hope you can find the problem and get back online very soon.I would like to pick up some updates on my account and see what’s all is available. I am a Simmarket addict. (: