PMDG 737 NGX coming soon

Beside his usual forum, PMDG is also using their Facebook group to communicate some exclusive preview screenshots of the 737 NGX.

No more deep technical infos though, just a quick edit on their 737 NGX product page : “Coming soon”, instead of “Coming in 2010” as we guessed they don’t want to promise any release date in this end of year.

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  1. Nice shots but that is all. PMDG NGx will NOT have WXR. NOT have ‘ACTIVE’ EGPWS Terrain Reading. NOT have WORKING VSI scanning LOGIC, NOT have ALL PAGES working on the FMC (+ pages like Time Error Tolerance correction). NOT have ACCURATE CoG calc. NOT have GATE Positions on GPS etc.). NOT have WORKING DRIFT on guidance. NOT have AUTO FMS adjustment for wind… (I got a LONG list, being a real pilot I know it will NOT have). Giving out ‘REAL DEAL’ (CEO) Boeing Manuals when a product cannot do EVERYTHING that is in those manuals means either the manuals are not worth buying or the product isn’t.
    Kinda think since we were let down on release dates. Let down on 3d renders vs screen shots. Let down on questions we asked etc. means prepare to be let down on CONTENT when the manuals SAY it should do something but the product doesn’t DO IT.
    And the big disappointment for me? (besides that HUGE RRP yet to be said that I reckon by the test on the manuals may be $150 – $250) is that I will either have to put up with 4 FPS at my MEGA Airports (which means a no buy policy until they fix the FPS) or I buy a NASA PC of $3,000+ to run it. Ouch.

    CONCLUSION. Wait until the bugs get sorted and the hysteria dies down (and that price will drop if we all hold on, it always does).
    BETTER. See what the competition does. There are three players making an NG and one of them will be showing their cards soon.
    Waiting means I can make a best decision and not regret a wallet hole.

    My opinion. Lets see.

  2. Quite an opinion you have there, Steve…

    So apart from the non-existent at this time iFly FSX B73NG, the already released one that I refuse to advertise which really does cost what you state this one will, yet without the bound manuals, (previous PMDG aircraft have come onto the market at around the $80 mark, so why you are doubling that makes me raise an eyebrow in question)… who else is developing a B737NG?

    You may also be waiting a heck of a long time for the ‘inevitable’ price drop, as the B747 which has been out for years has only just been dropped slightly, the MD11 and JS41 are still selling at the original price.

    Conclusion: I wonder what you have against PMDG to want to attack an unreleased product so vehemently? 🙂

  3. Attack? I’m merely expressing an opinion like you express opinion with ascerbic regularity against Ariane (and everyone knows the cards you play with. You pop up enough times but your assumptions are based on myths and bits of forum rumor so please spare the good people here from playing those old records). Lets keep on topic.

    Correction: Ariane’s 737-800 NG is only 69.95 here on Simmarket not $150-$250 so your maths are wrong too).

    That’s two times wrong. Waiting a long time for the price to drop? Then I won’t buy it. Simple. More facts:

    1 A growing group of people already know that the new NGx will be a lead balloon on low end systems (as in ‘avoid it’). Let down.
    2 The video on youtube is deceiving and avoids showing certain areas because it would start ‘FPS jerking’. That video has detail sliders turned right down and yet shows ‘average’ FPS. Let down.
    3 PMDG fooled the public with high res 3d renders and then released screen shots that look not much better than a FS9 deck. Nothing like those very detailed close ups. Let down.
    4 Their ‘new’ aircraft MDL is the same old FS9 MDL! If you bought the manuals, look on the front. Compare FS9 MDL. Let down.
    5 Mass hype over a mass of totally out of scale parts and a slide show? Let down.
    Any more evidence? ‘Pascal’ on PMDG’s own forums asked their CEO a question THREE TIMES about the complexity of the manuals equalling the complexity of the product and Randazzos silence was deafening. Stuff like this is raising mass suspicion and doubt as in ‘avoid’. Let down.

    For me this all means the NGx will be a let down.
    Where were all the bug fixes on the FS9 version? Let down.
    Maybe the HUGE price of those manuals was to keep them going till next Spring? (I am not paying $300 for a bunch of old, 2007, out of date, 737 manuals when we all know the latest are 2010 versions). Let down.

    So like many people I know, we are all going to wait. Keep our wallets safe (and full for better). PMDG are renown for their PR machine hype and some will be sucked in as their troops go out trying to hype it with “I got it and its great guys” hype. But us wise old pilots prefer to filter that hype and wait for either iFly or Ariane who will have a new one out hot on PMDG’s heels. And that will be 100 times an NGx Killer if you see the info I have seen.

    My pilot friends and I are not buying any of these let downs from PMDG. And that is my opinion and as I said its a free and democratic world to say what I have a right to. And when I get my wallet out. And that’s mine too.

  4. We’re discussing PMDG here, Mr. Harris, not Ariane, and my statements are based on facts and evidence which is well documented for anyone who cares to investigate – which I encourage anyone to do for themselves and draw their own opinions. The price you quoted is in €, not US$. The Ariane aircraft cost US$89.09 for the -700, US$77.95 for the -800 and US$98.02 for the -900 – plus VAT if you live in Europe. To a European taxpayer, getting all three would cost significantly in excess of US$300.

    Anyway, that – and your personal attack on me – are irrelevant beyond the fact that I do have to remind you that this is a private website and you have no legally protected freedom of speech here at all. If you attack me and not the issue, you will be banned and your comments deleted. Those are the terms and conditions of use of this site, not me “threatening” or “attacking” you.

    Now, back on topic.

    As I said before, you are currently making strong statements against an as-yet unreleased product which therefore you do not have experience of and appear to be doing so from a position of attacking PMDG and their products, rather than from an impartial viewpoint.

    You say that you have evidence, but aren’t actually showing any, so are therefore just as likely to be making a lot of assumptions which you are then stating as fact. What you say may turn out to be true, but right now, you’re not proving your case at all. Therefore can you please fill in some facts to base your case upon?

    – What are the specs of the PC that the YouTube video was shot using? What video recording software was used and recording at what frame rate?

    – From what source are you getting the price of the aircraft, rather than the manuals? You have stated the price of the manuals several times and these have, indeed, been published by PMDG. Is your estimate for the aircraft based on the price of the manuals (which have cost more than the aircraft since FS9 days) and does it cover just the base pack, or the base pack and all modules on top of that?

    – What evidence do you have that this is the same model as for FS9 and that they are providing misleading material to imply otherwise to potential customers?

    – Would you care to tell the world when you obtained your ATPL and 737 type ratings, please? I’m a pilot too… But I don’t claim to be any better than anyone else as a result of this and I certainly don’t claim to know what “my pilot friends” (I have quite a few, ranging from microlight pilots up to 747 captains – no A380 flight crew yet!) think, let alone what they will do. All I believe my license and experience makes me is more qualified to comment on aircraft that I know well than someone who has never done what I have.

    From my perspective, I’ve actually been fairly underwhelmed by PMDG products since patches for the FS9 737NGs made me highly suspicious of the flight model, particularly at low speed. Therefore I’m not defending PMDG and, indeed, will not be rushing out to get this new model myself. I am challenging your statements as they appear to be made from a position of knocking PMDG and their products in general, rather than based on actual empirical facts.

    Personally, I’m interested to see what iFly come up with, as their FS9 model has been very well received indeed, but have seen nothing beyond an intention to create an FSX native version “at some point”, so far.

  5. Hello
    It seems like the drop down to third position in the NG league has got the ARIANE fanboys rattled.
    I-Fly 737 NG for FSX is nearly ready and should be released around the time of the SP for the FS9 version.
    The FS9 version is in a different class to the Ariane offerings (I have both)/

  6. Hello,

    It seems that Steve is a very passionate virtual pilot, but forgets this is a hobby. if PMDG does an aircraft is for PC flight simulation, that’s all.

    FS has many but many limitations such as the ground effect etc.

    I will say that PMDG has done an amazing job with their aircraft in the past, and surely the 737NGX will be of same or higher quality for PC Flight simulation. Thank god there is PMDG, and we have such products… take a look at the miserable Aerosoft Airbus X, what a waste.. that is a crappy product, but this one is shaping to be awesome!

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