Ship Sim Extremes Update v1.3 & Mission Editor now available

If you planned your weekend navigating in Ship Sim Extremes, you’d better take advantage of updating it first. And think you should take more time now it has a free mission editor !

“The v1.3 update for Ship Simulator Extremes is now available!

This update contains brand new gameplay features, a completely new Mission Editor to create and share your missions with the rest of the Ship Simulator Community, as well as many gameplay fixes.”

The update is available through and other select channels. STEAM users will have their version updated automatically.

Included in this update is a full Mission Editor for Ship Simulator Extremes. With this new Mission Editor comes a new era of unlimited gameplay for Ship Simulator Extremes, as it allows players to create their own missions and upload/share them with other Ship Simulator Extremes players. Visit the Ship Simulator Extremes Mission Forum for more information.

Check the update 1.3 release notes for a complete overview of all the new features, enhancements and fixes in the update. Download the update here:

9 New Custom Missions Available for Ship Simulator Extremes!

Wanna get some new missions for your Ship Simulator Extremes game?

The first 9 custom missions created with the Mission Editor are already live and available for all users that have installed the 1.3 and have registered their version on the Shipsim Forum (

So go right ahead, download patch v1.3 (automatic update for STEAM users), register your copy and get access to these 9 brand new custom missions. With many more to follow…

Watch the Ship Simulator Extremes Mission Editor Tutorial Videos…

Want to create and share your own Ship Simulator Extremes Missions? Then watch these 4 tutorial videos that show you the ins and outs of the new Mission Editor that will be included in update v1.3… This tutorial will set you well on your way to creating your favorite missions for Ship Simulator Extremes! Check out the videos below and get creative…

Mission Editor Tutorial Videos:
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

or you can watch them all grouped in the Media Section on!”

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