Navigraph new addon support and Airac Cycle 1101 available

Happy users of FSBuild 2 and Integrated Simavionics will be able to update their navdata from Navigraph.

And it’s the right time to update them or any other supported addon, as Navigraph just released the latest Airac Cycle 1101. The needed credits can be purchased at simMarket.

Original press release :

“We are happy to announce that, starting from cycle 1101, two new addons have been added to the list of supported addons: FSBuild 2 and Integrated Simavionics (ISG)!

In addition, the QualityWings addons now also support DME ARCs.


Cycle 1101 is now available in the FMS Data section of the Navigraph website,

Each cycle costs 20 credits, independent on the number of addons/downloads you make during that cycle. We also offer an annual cycle package (13 cycles) for 200 credits – a 23% discount compared to purchasing each cycle individually.”

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