Sky blue radio’s wee tune beastie II Version 3

This time it’s an update note that Sky Blue Radio dropped us about their app to enable listening to their shows via streaming through your radio panel, in Flight Simulator.

“Sky Blue Radios acclaimed application Wee Tune Beastie II version 3 has been released.”

“Significant changes have been made to improve upon this already successful application.

The Wee Tune Beastie can be downloaded for FREE from the Sky Blue Radio website and once installed users can one click, to instantly stream Sky Blue Radio as it broadcasts around the world twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. With the application loaded listeners may interact with the DJ’s and other listeners, making requests and talking flight simulation via text. Additional enhancements now include a list of IVAO servers for our IVAO users, improved time display, improved stability and many more changes.

One of the major features and celebrated aspects of this application has not changed, and that is the ability to connect the application directly to Flight Simulator, then tune your cockpit com2 radio to 123.45 and Sky Blue Radio will stream through your com2 radio as you fly the virtual skies. With a quality “Help” menu, the Wee Tune Beastie can help most users troubleshoot any problems, but with this new and improved version of Wee Tune Beastie II users should have no trouble.

Get Wee Tune Beastie III at from the download section, there is no cost, FREE to download, FREE to install and FREE to use.

Sky Blue Radio is an internet radio station devoted to the flight simulation community and broadcasts 24/7 around the world. Listeners can tune in to Sky Blue Radio by accessing our website at We are now available via Black Berry or iPhone through Android users can download the “Retro Radio” application and find Sky Blue Radio there.”

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