SP1 revision for iFly 737NG

iFly developers of the 737NG enhanced their last Service Update 1.0 up to revision 2 to include fixes about the FMS and fuel systems.

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1. The logic of crossfeed feature
2. Will clear all data after landing and finish the route
3. After enter the assumed temperature, the CLB/CLB1/CLB2 will automatically arm the right one to prevent climb thrust is higher than takeoff thrust
4. Press NEXT key at the CDU when at X/X page wll jump to 1/X page, press PREV key when at 1/X page wll jump to X/X page,
5. The Flap Maneuvering Speed may display incorrect
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  1. Service Pack 1 Revision 3 🙂

    This build updates
    1. Re-write the Flaps maneuvering speeds logic
    2. Altitude alerting is inhibited when flaps>=25 degree or while G/S is captured.
    3. Sometimes, BARO Minimums Pointer may not display on the PFD
    4. Now, airport identifier can be entered as a waypoint to LEGS/RTE page
    5. Add “EXCESS DATA” annunciation to the ND.
    6. Re-write the INTC CRS logic
    7. Fix some logic error of go-around

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