New Microsoft Flight pics

The Microsoft games studios dev team put new content on Flight official website.

4 scenic screenshots can be “analyzed” and a short text confirms that you will be able to use Flight offline, since some people feared the contrary due to the mention of Games for Windows Live.

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  1. Looking good, hopefully everyone gets their fears away of it only becoming usable online with the windows live thing.

    Btw, how is Aerosoft’s Simulator going?

  2. Looks like Microsoft is leaking only pics from “Hawaii”-area landscape. This will most likely be a custom scenery-dense area. Therefore, this scenery will most likely not represent most scenery areas outside custom zones.

    More importantly, what steps are MS taking to increase realism on physics modeling of aircraft, aircraft systems, sub-systems, and aerodynamics rendering? X-plane still number one in this category.

    Numerous assurances by MS that this will not be “arcade” style, so what about advancing the interface and quality of ground control for traffic and approach calls, vectoring, etc.

    What about FX10 aircraft and panels? Will those be for use on Flight?

  3. At this point if Microsoft can make a sim that works, looks good, and doesn’t take 3+ years to get off the ground we’d all be happy. Everything else is a bonus… The bar has been lowered so much with the last release we need not hear again ‘This software was built for future machines’. Outside of that I truly hope there are major improvements in weather, ATC, and Flight Dynamics. The vibe I’m getting from MS in their reports is they don’t want the franchise to go down with a sim like FSX being the final version. In other words it seems their main concern is addressing making sure the software fully utilizes the latest hardware and OS technologies available at the time of release to give us the best running sim since FS2k2 (which was a great running sim on day one). Again I really hope many other advances are made outside of visuals and performance most of all backwards compatibility with native FSX add-ons. Seeing as the new sim doesn’t look like a total rebuild of the underlying engine it’s almost expected FSX add-ons will work with it. At this point either way anything looking and running better than FSX huge.

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