New airport & nav-aid data available for X-Plane (2011.02)

X-Planes pilots also have opportunity to update their nagivation data on a regular basis.

Data X-Planes sent a public messsage to notify the release of the latest data cycle.

New data is now available for X-Plane. This is data cycle 2011.02 valid from 10-Feb-2011 to 10-Mar-2011. I apologize for missing a couple of updates over the holiday season.

This is a major update with many new and improved airports around the globe Examples include KMIA, KJAX, major Swedish airports, many Canadian and
Alaskan bush strips, and a major revision for Australia. Please see the change log on my website for complete details.

These files will work under Windows, Mac OS or Linux. If you wait until the next incremental release of X-Plane, then this data will be installed automatically if you use the “X-Plane Updater” – this avoids the need to download my files and install the files into the correct folders!

But, if you want the new data immediately, then download my files and install them into the appropriate folders (instructions are on my website).

As always, get the new data from my website at :

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