Freez – Zurich X Live

Switzerland has great landscapes to overfly, and dangerous approaches procedures, as for Zurich airport.

Test your pilot skills with Zurich X Live of Freez, and you will also enjoy a detailed and realistic airport using AES for animations. They are also promising free updates in the next months to keep the airport accurate according to actual constructions.

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  1. I have purchased it for FSX since I like to fly smaller airfields in Switzerland and now wanted one of the major airports.

    This scenery is amzingly detailed, impressive 3d modelling of the teerminals and hangars, with lots of details visible inside the terminal.

    I haven’t tested any IFR accuracy yet, but for VFR it is a stunning experience. The level of quality is right up there with FSDT or ORBX. For the low price it is a bargain.

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