QualityWings Announces “The Ultimate BAE146/Avro Collection”

QualityWings is gaining more and more fame and respect from the simmers.

Producing not so advanced systems simulations like others, at least, they stick to the features list and do the job for the price. They have just revealed their actual BAE146 / Avro RJ project, release is planned until end of 2011.

“QualityWings Simulations is pleased to announce a new aircraft to be released in our Ultimate Series as:

The Ultimate BAe146 / Avro RJ Collection

The Collection will contain the BAe146-100, -200 and -300; as well as the Avro RJ70, 85 and 100 airplanes modeled to the highest level of detail. Each Model will come with a correct replication of the real world flightdeck, including all the differences most of you don’t even know about YET. Of course, just like with the 757, we will offer a wide variety of liveries free of charge, mind blowing sounds and an Avro that handles like it should.

Systems will be a step above the Ultimate 757, but we try to find a good balance and keep things simplified where necessary. Just as our motto suggests: Complexity…Simplified!

We simulate the Electrical system, Fuel system, Hydraulics, Air supply, Air Conditioning, Pressurization, Ice Protection, and much more…

More details here :

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