Tower! 2011 available

Announced here a few weeks ago, it’s now made available for purchase.

Tower! 2011 developed by FeelThere puts you in the tower controller seat for an ATC simulator with FAA commands, full voice control that can take place in 3 different airports.

Highlights :
· 3 Photorealistic airports
· Full voice control
· Most FAA commands simulated
· Full editor included
· Realistic ground traffic
· Single or multi-player version
· Immersive sound experience
· Tower! 2011 is part of the Air Traffic Controller Suite, including the forthcoming TRACON! 2011 and ATCC! 2011.

0 Responses

  1. If I could nominate just one piece of software bought over the past 20 years for a refund it would be the previous version of Tower. With flight dynamics that saw planes trampoline off the runway on takeoff and plummit onto the runway when landing. At St. Maartin planes taxied off into the bay! Too many bugs to mention. Before I part with my hard-earned cash, please tell me this version is much improved – especially the fight dynamics.

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