PMDG 737NGX & People Flow — Video


PMDG uploaded their first video on Facebook showcasing their Boeing 737NGX filmed with the new people-flow technology of Orbx.

The scenery takes place in Coffs Harbour (Ysch) in Australia, which has been recently updated.

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  1. What does that guy in the yellow think he is doing taking off with someones luggage. Seriously though it looks great and adds to the overall realism.

  2. He’s collecting the bags of the inevitable person who checked their luggage in but then missed the flight because they were in the bar for too long. 😉

    It does look very interesting.

  3. seems like all the delays have nothing to do with the actual plane, but have to do with all these nutty add-ons that will make my fake experience less fake. hurry up, already. the PLANE will be what I’m spending 75 clams on, not a baggage handler. after it’s released I’ll be anxiously anticipating the 777, not a marshaler or stewardess that brings me coffee. geez.

  4. Now read the article again, Bryan. The add-on for the ground crew is by ORBX, not PMDG, and relates to airports, not aircraft,

    They’re showing off the product, with someone else’s scenery and add-on. How does that delay development?

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