Three good news from Captain Sim

Captain Sim completes its 707 Captain base pack with the announced expansion models which are now available.

Purchased together at Captain Sim store, the price reached 60 US$, the original price of the base pack alone, but now it is yours for 30 US$.

“1. The 707-300C, VC-137 and E-3 Expansion Models were released today.
2. 707 Captain (707-300, the base pack for the Expansions) is another 10EUR off (so it is 30 off altogether). Captain Sim store exclusive.
3. The base pack is version 1.3 now.

Details, screenshots and video:

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  1. I see you have repeated Cpt Sims grammatical error. Please try to apply the correct English from a foreign source so that we don’t all end up talking rubbish.

    Instead of;
    three good news (missing subject matter) –

    the correct phrasing might be:
    three bits of good news.

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