FSPS – Xtreme FSX PC

FSPS comes with a new tool to tweak FSX aiming at the best performance based on your PC hardware setup.

Until there, you think you’re reading again the FSX Booster V2 description, but Xtreme FSX PC has many more functions that you can compare on the product page.

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  1. Found exciting from the features it describes. Bought it. Then I found this program is simply a waste of time and money. What it calculates and creates are not only no use to improve performance but also drag down fsx performance.
    I encountered the same situation of using the company’s Multicore Environment. I don’t know why I was fooled again by the company’s low quality product again.
    My advice: Don’t be such a fool like me. Don’t buy the product. It is useless at all.

  2. I think Simmarket should give us a sort of protection against software which don’t work as expected, instead of raise money and forget 😉

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