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Saturday, March 19, 2011 00:44

I was flying over Orbx PNW while looking at these and they do look like an improvement over even the best of what FSX has to offer. What we don’t have yet, though, is any substance whatsoever. All these little tiny videos and a handful of “artistic” screenshots which could be shot over one high detail area of the world tell us nothing about what this sim is going to be capable of, what it offers us over FSX/X-Plane 10 or where they intend to head. The problem is, they’re not actually ‘building the hype’ in the way MS presumably… Read more »

Andy Sedgley
Friday, March 18, 2011 23:12

OK well call me cynical but for ultimate realism I’d have hoped to see the pilot’s head in No 3 tilting to the right. No 4 looks like FSX, and the others like FSX+Orbx.

Really I’m not sure what new content they are hoping to bring to the party with this one…