Carenado has a new project for FSX

Add a line into the Carenado productions table, another project for FSX got revealed online.

Expect a Beechcraft King Air C90, with various screenshots showing the advanced 3D modelling including propellers and gear.

“Dear Sirs, on March 28th, 2011 Carenado revealed a new project.

We decided to reveal our most ambitious projects ever; are developing the famous King Air C90 for FSX, this aircraft will belong to our HD Series (high definition textures) and will have state-of-the-art aircraft development, texturing and programming techniques.

With this aircraft Carenado will raise the level of quality of its already fine design aircraft.

The project is currently in its 3D external modeling stage. Check some pictures out HERE.”

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  1. Carenado has really been stepping up their quality lately. Not that it was bad to begin with – far from it – but they’re clearly not content to rest on their laurels. HD textures, higher detail modeling, 3D gauges, and now they’ve hired a respected FS flight modeler to help shape up the FDEs. Yup, I’m a fan. I’m looking forward to the C90 particularly.

  2. With all respect Bill, whereas I can agree with the part of improved visual models I must completely disagree with all the rest. Carenado COULD BE or COULD BECOME a fantastic add-on developer if they only would take more care of accuracy of everything else besides the visual models! But at this stage I’m afraid they go for “mass production” rather than for “quality improvement”. Flight dynamics are one filed that MUST be improved. Let’s hope this new “guru” will have his positive influence. There is a large field of technical and aerodynamical specs that can be largely improved from their default behaviour. This is still completely missing. I really do hope that this will be part of their future development philosophy.

  3. Bill, I tend to side with you just a bit. However as Oskar said, there C340 still needs another service pack. I am hoping that the C90 with be in class all by itself. Will just have to wait and see.

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