Colorado Camping Weekend

To mix your camping and mountain flying passion, you may be interested in Vertical Studios‘ latest products collection.

In Colorado Camping Weekend, you will enter a 4 days mission in the USA.

Vertical Studios is pleased to announce the launch of our their second Mission for Flight Simulator X, Colorado Camping Weekend.

Not only will you get to enjoy camping in the Rocky Mountains, but you will also experience some great Mountain Flying.

During the 4 day mission, you will visit 5 airports, including Aspen and Leadville, which is the highest airport in the US.

You will also fly over 6 mountain passes. This product release is day 1 of 4.

-Day 1 of 4: Thursday

You will fly from Boulder Colorado to your first overnight camp in the Rocky Mountains.

Your flight instructor will help you navigate and handle all the radio communications.

But it’s up to you to arrive safely at your destination. You are the Pilot in Command!

At Vertical Studios we love to fly in real life because it gives us a sense of freedom and accomplishment.

We believe flying FSX Missions should feel as good as flying in real life. That’s why all our missions are designed by an FAA certified pilot and use real-world aeronautical information. We write the back-story and dialog and then

record real people’s voices for the role of flight instructors, air traffic controllers and various other parts.

The results are FSX Missions that feel just like real-world flights. We hope you will enjoy this latest mission as much as our first. Stay tuned for additional parts to this series.

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  1. Didn’t try yet CCW but tried Switzerland mission (free download) and finally after many tries of FSX missions, this is a real good one with high audio quality and very closed to the real flying procedures!

  2. Phil … thanks for the feedback about the Mountain Flying in Switzerland mission (part 1 of 3). If you liked the free one, then why not continue the journey to Saanen and back to Geneva for $1.99 ???

    The Colorado Camping Weekend is also only $1.99 and is of the same high quality (and low price).

    Kind regards,
    Chris Klein
    Vertical Studios

  3. Done! Bought all your products with real pleasure. fast downloading, easy installing. Just waiting for the next CCW episode! I’ve just replaced the Cessna Skyhawk (by default) for the Cessna Skywagon which is more powerful in this kind of flight! Keep on doing your high quality work Chris! Cheers.

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