Amazing Model Airport

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  1. OK, can’t get my head around the concept. What am I missing? Seems like there are hooks on aircraft and they’re going nowhere fast.. Care to elaborate a bit. Looks cool though.

  2. As a model railroader in the past, this blows my mind. What a concept! Very cool indeed.

  3. This is amazing.. is it possible to move the aircraft with a remote control and have the other aircraft movel automatic?… gosh I am sounding like an FS fan….

  4. Incredible stuff – 3.5 million euros to build though? Is it that incredible? If I’m ever in Hamburg I will check the whole thing out, for sure!

  5. I saw this on the Discovery Channel recently. There’s a model of a city with moving cars and trains. It’s really amazing and then they show you this airport. The aircraft taking off look like they are on angled ramps that are hard to see. After the aircraft leave the airport they are rotated underneath the table, upsidedown, where they are brought up on the other side and landed. Ingenious.

  6. Well,…what can I say, exept that someone surely has to much time on his hands. :-/

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