AivlaSoft GmbH Releases Electronic Flight Bag 1.3.1 SP 2

Also known as EFB for Electronic Flight Bag, the AivlaSoft utility grabs all necessary infos and documentation in one center place for the airliner pilot preflight briefing.

Time has come for a new update, to fix errors and to support the iFly 737NG.


“AivlaSoft GmbH is announcing another update to their award-winning utility Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for Microsoft FSX.  Service Pack 2 for Version 1.3.1 includes several minor bug fixes, support for several native file formats including the new iFly 737NG from Flight1 and the KML format readable by Google Earth, as well as a new Save function that allows multiple flightplan files to be saved in a single operation.

AivlaSoft continues to support its customers by providing this EFB update free of charge.

For those who are not yet customers, EFB 1.3.1 is available by immediate download from as a completely functional 30-day trial version that can be converted to a registered version by purchase of a license key.   Download it, install it, use it fully for 30 days and we’re sure you’ll be convinced that EFB is the best add-on for FSX.


And it’s not just our customers who know that.  At the 9th annual SimFlight Awards ceremony held last week in Paderborn Germany, AivlaSoft’s Electronic Flight Bag received their Award in the category of Tools and Enhancements.   The entire EFB team is honored and humbled to get this award, and feels obliged to make EFB even better in 2011.

Doing More for Less

To celebrate our award, and the arrival of a fantastic new FSX complex aircraft developer in iFly, AivlaSoft is currently conducting its first-ever discounted sales event.   Visit by May 31, 2011 to place your order, and enter the voucher code EFB737 to score a 25% discount.

About EFB

AivlaSoft GmbH’s Electronic Flight Bag for FSX provides flight-simulator pilots with route planning, flightlog recording, checklist management, and chart viewing facilities for unparalleled flight planning and situational awareness capabilities.

Dividing the typical flight into specific segments : Origin Ground, Departure, Enroute, Arrival, Approach, and Destination Ground. EFB is able to provide segment-specific checklists and SID / STAR / Approach charts taken from Navigraph’s FMS data.  (An enhanced version of AIRAC 1103 is provided for free with EFB, courtesy of Navigraph.)”

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