FS Fuel 2 flight planning

A seriouss simmer takes advanced and precise tools to prepare his virtual flight and briefing before he jumps in the heavy iron.

For this kind of needs, FS Fuel 2 now brings live weather data feed and advanced computations to build a solid flight plan and loadsheet.


“Aerospace Computations LTD. is proud to announce release of FsFuel 2, flight planning system. New version of FsFuel incorporates support of 15 aircraft (B737-300/400/500/700/800, B767-200ER/300ER, B747-200/300/400, B777-200/200ER/200LR/300ER), live weather data feed, degradation factors and much more.

The whole flight planning engine was completely rewritten to support capability of weather data feed. FsFuel receives world coverage of wind and temperature data and applies it to computations. Not only wind plays part in fuel burn and flight time, but also air temperature has an effect on fuel burn and airspeed. FsFuel uses advanced algorithms of weather overlay, no average figures are used. Weather is applied on waypoint by waypoint basis. FsFuel has become the only flight planning system for virtual aviation which uses live weather data feed for it’s computations.

FsFuel is a professional flight planning system designed for virtual flights. FsFuel produces Computerized Flight Plans (CFP) and Loadsheets with wealth of information that cannot be calculated manually. It is the first of it’s kind on virtual aviation market and offers very advanced computations which can even be used for real-world flight planning.

For more information please visit our website”

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