Voice Control for Captain Sim B767 & B757 now available

Multi Crew Experience expands the supported add-ons aircraft list with two titles of Captain Sim.

After the PMDG and Level-D airliners, MCE will enable the voice control of the copilot, but also of the FSX native ATC and Radar Contact ATC controllers when you fly the CS 757/767.

“Some of you have been waiting for this for a long time. The FS++ team is pleased to announce that Multi Crew Experience, voice control add-on to FSX & FS9 can now interface with Captain Sim 767 & 757 aircraft for FSX.

MCE tries to recreate the typical cockpit workflow between Captain and Co-pilot. You instruct your co-pilot to do things for you via voice. Above all nothing is scripted, and you can get things done in any order you like.

You could of course mentally stick to a specific workflow. It’s entirely up to you. The speech grammar is so vast that you hardly need to read the manual or memorise commands.

This is a product that’s been refined over the years. So far it has been specifically programmed to work with PMDG 747, PMDG MD-11, Level-D 767, Wilco Airbus, iFly 737, Ariane 737, all default FSX & FS9 aircraft and now the CS767 & CS757.

Talking to co-pilot is not the only feature of MCE. You can also talk to native FS ATC or Radar Contact ATC controllers.

A fully working time limited Demo is available for download from this link :

All you need is a headset with microphone, in order to experience the thrill of voice control.

Kind regards,

Ian Reilly
On behalf of the FS++ team

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