Nemeth Designs operations suspended

Nemeth Designs noticed their Agusta 109 sales suddenly fell down when their new product appeared among torrents.

Their manager felt it was necessary to suspend their operations until they find an efficient copyright protection to ensure enough incomes for the two full time developers they have. Read his sad message here.

If the sales results were hit that hard, it’s not because there is somebody with no money who got it and never could afford it anyway, it’s mainly because some people would have paid but didn’t in this case.

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  1. I have never purchased a helicopter from these guys, but what these cruel pirates are doing to this company is beyond evil. I seriously hope that these guys continue to produce quality payware in the very near future once they have put a sufficient piracy countermeasure system in place to stop these idiots from doing something like this again.

  2. I do hope in the midst of all this they don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
    They can take their football and go home, but they were the ones that asked us to play, so they had BETTER continue to provide support for customers and patches for the sub-par released product or else they will find themselves in bigger trouble….

  3. as tyson say idiots is the right word, there is not any enought defence for idiots.

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