OryxSim releases Arabian Airports X: Muscat

OryxSim is very pleased to announce the release of its first commercial scenery, Arabian Airports X: Muscat. Muscat International Airport is the gateway to Oman and this airport is the first in a series of airports we’re going to develop in the region. Muscat features highly detailed ground textures and 3D objects as well as a landclass for the surrounding area.

Located 45 minutes flying time away from Dubai, Muscat is the ideal destination for both your short and long haul flights. Muscat International Airport sees operations every day to over 50 destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

For more details on the airport, visit the product page at simMarket, here.

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  1. This looks terrible! Did you see the buildings? Almost no detail. Ground textures look primitive. I wasn’t expecting FlyTampa or FSDT quality, but at least BluePrint. This is far below

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