Space Shuttle Atlantis in Infinite Flight 1.8


And another version of Infinite Flight ! This one takes advantage of the news dealing with the Space Shuttle to offer a landing simulation.“We are proud to announce the new version of Infinite Flight!
As an homage to the return of the very last Space Shuttle mission, we are dedicating this 1.8 update to the extraordinary people who over the years made this incredible technical challenge a reality.
Infinite Flight now includes the Shuttle Atlantis as well as a brand new mission system to put you in the cockpit and try to score a perfect landing !
Note that trial users can also enjoy this new addition to our fleet, we want everyone to be able to say goodbye in their own way. The trial is only limited to the “easy” shuttle mission and doesn’t upload scores to our servers.

We’ve posted a video on our Youtube Channel:

And have published screenshots on our facebook page:

Here is the detailed list of new features and fixes:
– Added the legendary Shuttle Atlantis
– New Mission System with ranking
– Fixed A380 nose wheel issues
– Better runway lighting
– Usual performance and UI tweaks

The missions have 4 difficulty levels and ranging from no winds and daylight to night with poor visibility and gusty winds.

We noticed that in some occurrences that the Shuttle Mission doesn’t display the score once the shuttle is idle on the runway. We haven’t been able to clearly reproduce this bug in house but re-installing the game seems to solve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, we’ve received reports of missing throttle on the Shuttle. Since Infinite Flight only supports the landing part of the Shuttle Mission, no throttle is present.

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  1. It’s totality unrealistic at all … Shuttle don’t have engine, the HUD is not the correct replica. The approach path is totally wrong. This runway is totally wrong (the real one use KSC or EAFB). The pre flare and gears down are wrong …

    You use Atlantis name just for a commercial use without any respect …

    F-SIM or SSMS are the best… Orbiter is good enough too !

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