PMDG 737 NGX pricing and packages

We have now more precise informations about PMDG 737 NGX release details. They are still planning “On or Before August 4” to make it available.

It will be separated in different packages to let the customers pick up the models variants they want if they don’t need the whole range, wider than in the previous 737 NG product. It’s important to note that all functionalities they developed are included in the base package, and even he future ones they will develop will be upgraded for free  in that base package.

The base package will be the 737-800/-800WL + 737-900/900WL at $69,99 ( EUR ~48 , £ ~43) for the first 4-8 weeks, until the 737-600/-700/-700WL first expansion package is available at $24,99  ( EUR ~17, £ ~15. Then the base packages will cost $74,99 ( EUR ~52, £ ~46). Click read full story for more infos about the expansions.

The different expansions packages will be :

“PMDG 737NGX 6700 Package: $24.99 ETA: 4-8 weeks after base Contains the 737-600, 737-700/700WL

PMDG 737NGX ER Package: TBA ETA: 4-8 weeks after 6700 Contains the all 737ER variants.

PMDG 737NGX BBJ Package: TBA ETA: TBA Subject to interest Contains BBJ/BBJ2 variants.

PMDG 737NGX Mil Package: TBA ETA: TBA Subject to interest Contains the P-8 and “Wedgetail” variants.”

Note that PMDG reminds us not to ask for 737 NGX tech support via Facebook, this should be handled in PMDG forum.

Read the complete explanation in PMDG Forum.

Oh, and if the 1h video of cockpit preview was not enough for you, then AoA has another 30min video of depth systems preview.

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  1. Plase , if i understand , the fisrt pachage will contain only the 737-800 .
    And what about liveries ?


  3. The Base Package contains the 737-800 and 737-900 with Winglets and without. After the release you will be able to download liveries form the main site like for other add-ons from pmdg.

  4. It’ll come in a PMDG livery only, probably with an increasing number of downloadable liveries either released the same day or soon afterwards. This helpd avoid potential copyright issues, as well as making the product package itself a smaller download.

    Also please do not post in all capitals, it is not only hard to read, but also completely unnecessary.

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