Flight Sim Voices – US Flight Crew Vol.1


Using multiple tools to flight simulators adds multiple layers of realism to your Flight Simulator. But if various of them bring voice recordings of pilot / copilot / flight attendant, they will sound different from each software i.e. copilot check-lists of FDC live cockpit and copilot of Radar Contact V4, or the ground crew of AES and the one of the Level-D 767.

With FSVoices, you get various US voices for different roles and all are formatted for the listed add-ons. Once in your aircraft, each people has its own and unique voice, no matter the program it comes from.

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  1. I didn’t take much notice last time this product was announced here but this time I did and this is looking to be a fantastic addon after listening to the demo voices. The video is showing only female voices in the cockpit but the demo shows there are male pilots included too. And this product will surely improve sales for the addons it was designed to improve. I only wish the guys at Radar Contact used this developer’s know-how to improve on their voices.

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