X-Plane 10 Release Schedule Announced

According to this post at, the release schedule for X-Plane 10 has been finalised and announced: XP10 will be available “on Christmas 2011” for Macintosh, Windows and Linux PCs.

The announcement says that on this date you will be able to order the software from the site, so whether it relates to boxed or download versions of the software isn’t clear. Experience from earlier versions of the sim would suggest that you’ll be ordering a box set, but we’ll need to wait for further information to clarify that.

Will you be ordering X-Plane given the new upgrades announced for XP10 and the announced support of at least two major FS developers, will you be waiting for Microsoft’s Flight, or sticking with your existing sim? Comments below are welcomed…

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  1. I have been so disappointed by X-Plane 9 that I will certainly stick with FSX ubtil I am certain that the new Laminar Research baby offers a lot of improvement in the scenery/texture rendering. I am mostly a VFR simmer flying low and slow and for me the main point is the landscape realism. So wait and see…

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