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As Twitter has gained traction in just about every segment of the online world these days, I thought that I would share some twitter accounts that may be worthy of following within the flight simulation community.

Twitter name Description
FrenchPainter Repainter et bloggeur amateur pour flight simulator. http://www.frenchpainter.fr
AerosoftGmbH Simulation at its best!
AirplaneGeeks Podcasting Aviation Greatness Since 2008. http://www.facebook.com/AirplaneGeeks
avsim www.avsim.com
bwomack Bill Womack: I write novels, design 3D scenery, and fly when I can.
Captain_Sim Flight simulation software development, sales and support since 1999. 707, 727, 757, 767, C-130, B-52 and more…
Carenado Carenado is a software development company which creates add-on software for simulation based games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Cessna154 Business owner, YouTube Partner, software creator, new media consultant. http://skylinedigitalmedia.com
CH_Products www.chproducts.com
ChristianStock web design, spatial science, simulations
irissimulations Iris Simulations
eagledynamics LockOn LOMAC lock on flaming cliffs FC2 modern air combat Su-27 Su-25 Ka-50 A-10A F-15 MiG Black Shark DCS digital combat simulator aircraft maneuver avionics
flightsimuk The UK’s most varied virtual airline for users of Flight Simulation such as X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Sim 9, FSX and others.
Fszone Flight SIm Zone
flightsimcom FlightSim.Com news
FlightSimDaily Daily flight simulator news, views and reviews
FlyAOAMedia Flight Sim Training. Throttle On. http://www.flyaoamedia.com
TheFSNetwork The Twittery thing for the Flight Simulator Network
EuropeRider Francois Dumas: Publisher, flightsim specialist, writer, photographer, motorcycle guide, aviator, driver…. I love it all!
fsbreak www.fsbreak.net
fsim Everything about flight simulator and aviation world.
flightsimlabs http://www.flightsimlabs.com
FSFlyingSchool Virtual flight instructor add-on for FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane
FSNews News und tagesaktuelle Infos aus der Flight Simulator Szene
Jaggyroadfilms We have worked commercially for over 2 years and have produced product videos for many Flight Sim companies
FlightSim_JT Check out my Flight Simulator Blog.
JustFlight The spirit of Flight Simulation
mlaban Tweets about .NET/WPF Programming, Flight Simulation, Aviation and other things…
mcphatstudios Leading repaint studio for Flightsim / FSX – 2004 / High Definition liveries / We did projects for; PMDG, Feelthere, Wilco, Ariane, Wilco, Coolsky, Flight1!
michalputo Freelance 3d artist and flight simulation fanatic šŸ™‚
RMdeVries PPL Holder, Flightsimmer, Hamradio Amateur
simflight www.simflight.com
SimHQ www.simhq.com
SkyBlueRadio Entertaining the Flight Sim community World Wide! www.skyblueradio.com
thirdwire Independent software developer of air-combat games for PC.
tenminutetaxi Current events and news in flight simulation and aviation! Mondays & Thursdays at 7:30pm CST Watch LIVE at link below!
trackir Premium head tracking for gaming. Links your actual movement in 3D space to your in-game view. Great for flight sims, racing, combat and FPS.
VAFlash Virtual Airlines News and Information.
Vataware VATSIM

This list is by no means comprehensive. I welcome suggestions of others in the flight sim community and I would gladly add them to the roster. The hash tag ā€“ # ā€“ has been used to identify common topics of discussion. Those that I have encountered most that relate to flight simulation are: #FSX & #flightsim, but personally Iā€™m always interested in what discussion is going on with the #avgeek community.

If interested, Check out my list of real-world aviation Twitter folks.


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    1. umm..make that “Virtual Airlines News and Information” šŸ˜‰ It’s what happens when your first message of the day isn’t after a cup of coffee!

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