Modding the CH Products Flight Yoke


The CH Products Flight Sim Yoke has been on the market for many years and a popular device for control input. A gentleman by the name of Dave Nunez decided to give a go on a few modifications. He outlined the work he did in this blog post. The resistance reduction mod looks particularly good as small control inputs have always been a sore spot for simmers. If you are keen on tinkering with hardware, give his advice a go!

Notice: All mods are made at your own risk!

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  1. I use the CH yoke since many years. In reality and on a GA plane you have little forces on ground and at slow speed but the yoke get significantly harder to move the more you airspeed you fly. So for me the CH yoke is to strong on ground and too soft in cruise. And by far too soft for any airliner. So I would not follow this recommendation. The best would be a small motor on the spring which in reaction to airspeed would tension the springs, but that is a dream so far.

    The other problem is friction in the bushings. The stronger the springs, the less influence it has, so from that I like stronger springs than the standard.

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