New airport and enroute charts!

One of the features of nDac software by Navigraph is to gather the needed charts and airport diagrams according to your flightplan.

We’ve received a note of Navigraph informing they’ve expanded again their airports database to 1145 now (+44), and 29.000 charts.

“The airport charts and enroute charts available for download via the nDAC software have now been updated. The MAY11 revision has been replaced by the AUG11 revision (batch #25). More information about the coverage can be found on

Another 44 airports have been added to a total of 1,445 airports, with over 29,000 charts in total. The new and revised airport charts are distributed over 364 airports worldwide.

Including this expansion of the coverage there are 42 updated enroute charts in total. The majority of the enroute charts covering Europe, Asia and Africa have been updated.”

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