Train Simulator 2012 (Railworks 3)

A new version of Railworks simulator will enter the train sim community before the end of the month.

Named Train Simulator 2012, it’s already the third generation of Railworks. Completing a bit the content, they already announced the previous locomotives oF RW2 will work in this new one. The biggest enhancements can be expected in display techniques and building/  editing expansions. I suggest you to read the FAQ for more detailed informations.




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  1. I’ve been playing Railworks since the first version… It’s a graphically excellent sim and very nice to use, but the fact that most add-ons require other (usually commercial) add-ons to use properly, can be a major downside.

    What I really hope is that RW3/TS2012 will convert more of the tasks to work with the Career mode they introduced in a recent patch. That and allow the sim to run scenarios where non-critical components (eg scenery components) from other add-ons that you don’t have are missing.

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