Quick note on transitioning to X-Plane 10

X-Plane 10 release is planned for next Christmas and we’ve collected some informations from here and there already, like Autogen technology and display enhancements.

We received more details about sceneries and aircraft compatibility by Austin Meyer himself.


“A really quick note on transitioning to X-Plane 10:

X-Plane 10 will support X-Plane 9 scenery.
X-Plane 10 will support X-Plane 9 airplanes.
X-Plane 10 will support X-Plane 9 objects.
X-Plane 10 will support X-Plane 9 airfoils.
X-Plane 10 will support X-Plane 8 airfoils.
X-Plane 10 will support X-Plane 7 airfoils.

BUT…. X-Plane 10 will NOT support older airfoils than version 7!

This may seem like a trivial issue… until you see that there are still a number of old version 6 airfoils floating around out there.

So, all aircraft authors and even people that just have collections of their own airplanes should update their airfoils and perhaps even aircraft to the latest version (9) right now!

This way, when X-Plane 10 comes out just in time for this Christmas, all of your planes and airfoils and scenery will work with it right out of the box.

To update all of your airfoils to the latest (version 9) format, run Airfoil-Maker, go to the FILE menu, and select BATCH UPDATE AIRFOILS
To update all of your airplanes to the latest (version 9) format, runPlane-Maker, go to the SPECIAL menu, and select BATCH CONVERT AIRCRAFT TO LATEST FORMAT

If you do this now to update all of your airplanes and airfoils to version 9, then they should read right into version 10 this Christmas, no problem at all, since they will be v9 file format.

If you have planes posted at your various web sites or stores, then be sure to update them to v9 in the manner described above and re-upload them, so they work for customers the moment v10 is released!”

Austin Meyer

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  1. I have been experimenting on creating a duplicated keyboard command setting that allows one to use FS keyboard commands with XP9. Most of it can be done except for the FS ‘S’ key, which is a multi-view key. In FS, S key will give you Chase Plane view, Tower view, 2D Cockpit view, and Virtual Cockpit view. In XP9, they use ‘drect-to’ keys, with each key going to that view. You can program keys to be similar in XP9 to FS. For instance, I linked the following;
    A………………….2D panel
    W………………….Spot Plane view

    Another difference in XP9 to FS, is the VC view. In FS, you can zoom out from the panel to have a realistic view of the cockpit where you can look around in the plane. In XP9, you are right up against the panel in the VC. No zoom-out is possible from the panel. But, I found a way to ‘move backwards’ (and forwards) via a manual setting in the XP9 keyboard config file. Thus, you can go into the config, set forward/reverse in VC into say the Num9 and Num3 keys, and move back from the panel to see more of the general panel area. Its not much, but its a nice enhancement for a more realistic view of the overall panel. It would be nice if you could zoom out.

    A fun sim! The most difficult part for FS people is that keyboard. Its so different from FS, but finding a way to adapt it is the one thing that will bring it closer to FS people quicker.

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