Orbx Freeware High River Regional Airport

There is another opportunity to benefit from Orbx at no cost with their newest freeware release for the Northern Rocky Mountains region.

Their designer Vlad Maly published the High River Regional Airport as a first work. The airport is not only the first add-on for this region but also the first airport in Canada by Orbx! The download is available here.

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  1. I NO longer Trust anything from Orbx, if you see their FREEWARE sction of their web site, they don’t tell you that for some of their supposed FREEWARE you’ll need the Payware version of FTX whatever before the FREEWARE version will even work,, their really lacking down there in clear communication on their web site, other than how great their products are with fancy over-glorified screenshots ! NO Orbx ever for me in my FSX Sim – they are NOT good enough and their communication outright Sucks !!

  2. Well, actually, you CAN use Orbx airports without the base packages that sit under them. But your airport won’t look as good against the base package. You also may be missing some objects, but then you don’t have to pay to download their objects library either (it’s under support on their actually pretty logically laid out, if getting rather complex, website).

    So a) you’re actually wrong and b) I edited out the abuse from your comment.

    Can you also explain how an un-edited screenshot can be “fancy and overglorified”?

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