Take On Helicopters Pre-order beta -15% offer


Take On Helicopters has raised my interest although I fly a chopper very few times in Flight Simulator, and just for a quick tour around an airport or a scenery I’d like to explore.

How did they achieve that ? Bohemia Interactive is the developers studios, based in Czech Republic and I remember they made PC games (military sims!) hits like Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault. Enough for me at this point… but you can check their trailer video and new helicopters simulator features here.

The complete and final version is planned for release on next October 27, but you can now take advantage of the Pre-order beta -15% offer to access now the beta version and play the final game just as soon as it’s available.

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Friday, October 14, 2011 10:44

Yes, Patrick, you’re missing something.

They’re selling the game as a pre-order and, as a benefit for pre-ordering, they’re giving access to the Beta. It’s a very common practice in the gaming industry at large, although pretty rare within the FS industry so far.

I can’t comment on Andy’s points, as I don’t have access to the beta, but I have played ArmA2 a lot and as the basis for TKOH is ArmA2’s flight model, much modified, I would definitely not class ArmA2’s flight model as a serious simulator – it’s very much a game.

Thursday, October 13, 2011 16:02

I really wouldn’t bother with this, I know its a beta and all that but the flight dynamics are quite frankly a joke, the ground textures look like something out of FS2000 when you get above 400 feet. The voice acting and scripting in the missions sounds like they were written by a stoned 8 year old and the voice acting was done by the stoned kids father. There is no way this is going to improve enough in two weeks when its due for release to make it a worth while purchase, save your money and read the proper… Read more »

Thursday, October 13, 2011 15:58

Am I missing something or are they really selling a Beta Product??? Sorry but paying for a Beta Version regardless of a discount or the promise to get the final one sounds rediculous to me! In the best case I have a buggy Program which will be fixed and released as final Bugfree version within some weeks and in a worst case scenario I have a buggy Beta Version which will be worked on for another half a year or several months which keeps me frustrating till the final release. In any case I don’t understand such selling politics besides… Read more »

Thursday, October 13, 2011 14:31

Has anyone been able to register at the Bohemia forums? I keep getting an error saying the image verification server is having problems.