Throttle Lever Clips for your TQ

The “Throttle Lever Clips” is a simple device  designed specifically to ease life for pilots using their CH Throttle Quadrant to fly twin or single engined aircraft. The clips allow  single- or twin-engine aircraft pilot to use their thrust with their whole hand  and not just with their fingertips. Thrust levers can now be equipped with these “Throttle Lever Clips” which equal in size to their original counterparts in real aircraft. The clips are used to secure together two adjacent levers on your CH Throttle Quadrant, allowing them to be moved simultaneously. The Throttle Lever Clips can be very easily and quickly installed and removed, allowing the user an inexpensive option and the flexibility of choice in how to use their CH Throttle Quadrant unit. For more information visit simMarket Product Page.

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  1. If for CH why not also for Saitek?

    It’s only an assumption, but I believe more people using Saitek products than CH! Maybe I`m wrong…

    Anyway that would be nice! 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

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