McPhat 737 NGX American Airlines free livery

737 NGX owners will be able to fly with an American Airlines livery of a much higher quality than the original provided by PMDG.

McPhat Studios revealed a preview of it in their forum, and it will be free. Among the payware liveries, they are making Alaska Airlines that will appear first when you click here.


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  1. Please note that, because PMDG already used 4096×4096 texture maps, the McPhat repaints will not use a higher resolution (definition).
    They just look better, because more work is put into them, and all maps (difuse, bump and spec, as well as the alpha layers of those) are used to their full potential.
    This is how UHD textures should be used.
    But, to be honest, I’m not really objective here, so take a look yourself and make up your own mind…

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