Project Tupolev Tu-154 B2 free for FSX (V1.0 Beta)

Great news for Tupolev fanatics and all commercial liners pilots in lack of new and quality simulation in FSX.

Project Tupolev is back again with a Beta V1.0 of their Tu-154 B2, with 1970’s and 1990’s models, each coming with VC in blue or green colors making a total of 4 different virtual cockpits with a new panel design. All infos and download link are here.

And it’s freeware !

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  1. great TU 154, one problem, I can’t get the steering to turn the plane, all engines operating and at normal settings, plane veers severe to left on take off, steering non-functioning. All other fsx planes work great, what’s wrong????? Anyone know????

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