X-Plane 10 world preview

Instead of being concentrated on just one display feature of X-Plane 10, the newest preview of Laminar Research offers a much wider point of view of X-Plane 10 world.

See panoramic views at dawn wih water effects, whole city by night, residential areas from top view, and even closer looks at bridge, streets or gardens equipments.

0 Responses

  1. Wow! Such terrific detail. Amazing what these new sims are going to look like as X-Plane 10 and the new Microsoft Flight will go head to head with both offering detail never before seen in a flight simulation program. I am looking forward to the release of both.

  2. We’ve NOT seen this level of detail from MS Flight in cities downtown, roads, Autogen houses .. Not yet? Time will say.

  3. That’s what makes it interesting. To see what each will offer and what the finished products look like. Hats off to the developers of X-Plane 10 and thanks for these incredible shots. We have much to look forward to.

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