PSS come-back ?

Graham Waterfield promises “this time it’s really happening”, pointing the missed approach in 2007 when PSS tried to come back.

Closed in 2006, Phoenix Simulation Software developed the Boeing 747 and 777 for FS 2000, later the A320 and Dash 8 add-ons for later FS versions. The major part of the team seems to be behind Black Box Simulation, a new venture announced by the following press release.

“Following the crash of Phoenix Simulation Software in 2006, survivors have been desperately looking for a way to turn things around and rebuild what was a great company.

The Pilots and crew have long since gone their separate ways and it seemed like the much publicised “PSS revival” would never happen.

However, after combing through the wreckage, investigators have recovered the “Black Box” and the data clearly shows what caused the fatal nose dive.

This wealth of information and knowledge has now allowed us to reconstruct the remains of PSS into a new venture. A new venture that aims to innovate and create some of the best in Microsoft Flight Simulation add ons.

Some exiting New products are in development as we speak, and the existing products will be made available once again. Customer support will be our priority as it was back in the day, with new online systems to ensure nothing slips through the net. Mistakes have been made and those of us who remain apologise to the loyal PSS Customers.

Right now we are busy developing the webspace and ecommerce, the support and contact systems, fully integrated with the social networking sites

We are therefore proud to announce the formation of BLACKBOX SIMULATION. This time, it’s really happening!

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Graham Waterfield [BlackBoxSimulation]”

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  1. What kind of confidence will consumers have to a company that all of the sudden closes and then comes back with another name? they even stopped support of the PSS products….

  2. Michael, and what about the download products you purchased at PSS ? BBS already claims they will stick to their online products delivery policy without base file download nor storage by customers.

  3. That’s the exact opposite than I read, Sebastien – G.W. posted on the unofficial PSS support forum over at Avsim that it will not be working the same way that the PSS installer system did. He’s also stated that they intent to provide access to products that were lost by customers when PSS closed shop.

    Of course it’s a lot easier to say things than it is to deliver them and I agree entirely that a lot of people will not trust anything to do with this new outfit until they have proven otherwise.

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