Miami Intl released !

Miami KMIA airport is one of this US airport we’ve been waiting for a revamped scenery since FS2002 generation !

LatinVFR has done a great job here, and it’s their most complex and largest hub airport as well. No doubt it will be a hit with its animated terminal skytrains, photoreal terrain including 44 sq. miles (+100 km²) surroundings + custom landclass, realistic AI airlines parkings, custom taxiways, volumetric grass, night effects, animated vehicles and birds in FSX. Oh yes, you get also FS2004 version !

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  1. What you mean great job? Its an awful scenery and has nothing to do with quality scenery design like fsdt or flytampa do.

    Why you dont test the scenery before recommend it to others?

  2. It’s a great job because 1/ at least the screenshots taken from the actual scenery add-on demonstrate the amount of work they made, 2/ because they have made here their biggest airport ever, 3/ and it’s have a nice look from what is shown on the product page
    Obviously, nobody claims this is a full review neither it’s an analyzed point of view after a long test.

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